Jack and Tana Despain honor son Marc, pledge to keep his memory alive

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Tana and Jack Despain gathered with loved ones at Jonesboro Memorial Park to commemorate the life of their son Marc, who was killed August 24, 2011.

"When we got out here and saw our family and friends and the people that loved him and came to honor him, that makes me happy," Tana said.

The group prayed together, released butterflies in Marc's honor and shared memories.

"He joked a lot . He worked hard. He loved his children. He loved to hunt. He loved to go diving. He loved the ocean. He was just full of life."

Jack and Tana also pledged to continue to keep Marc's memory alive.

"Marc's place, that organization will be for victims of violent crimes, we hope next year when we can get the trial behind us to get that in full swing."

They hope justice will be part of their son's memory in the upcoming trial for their daughter-in-law Michelle Despain. Michelle is accused of conspiring with her father, Carl Kelley, to have Marc murdered.

"We want her to be found guilty of that and serve her time in jail," Tana said.

"There has been a few people saying, 'Why don't we just let this die and let it go?'" said Jack. "If you truly love your family you can't let it go, not until justice is served."

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