‘Critter' license tags mean college for many students

‘Critter' license tags mean college for many students
LITTLE ROCK (AGFC) – You have seen them all over Arkansas, on highways, on city streets and on back roads. The special license plates with wildlife themes are highly popular.
Not on display on the vehicles is the benefit of these specialized licenses. This college year, nearly 200 Arkansas students will have a boost toward their college costs with the proceeds from the plates.
The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission launched the conservation license plate program in 2000, and they have resulted in about $14.8 million made available to college students pursing degrees in the conservation field.
The plates costs $35 in addition to regular state license fees. Of the $35, $10 is kept by the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration for processing, and $25 goes to the AGFC's conservation scholarship program.
The conservation plates are sold through state revenue offices all over Arkansas and not through AGFC offices.
A purchaser can choose the current wildlife plate – a bald eagle for the 2013 calendar year – or one of the wildlife themed plates from previous years. Not all revenue offices have all of the past plates on hand, however.
Next year, the plates will feature a small animal for the first time, a fox or red squirrel.
Past conservation plates have depicted a deer (twice), mallard, hummingbird, ivory-billed woodpecker, elk, bear, turkey, largemouth bass, rainbow trout, crappie and black Lab retriever.
These conservation plates can be bought as gifts, too. These purchases can be made at AGFC offices, and the buyer will receive a gift certificate. The recipient can then take the certificate to a revenue office for the special plate of his or her choice.