Specialists advised farmers to look out for soybean fungus

KENNETT,MO (KAIT) – Crop specialists in the Midwestern United States advised areafarmers to be on the lookout for soybean crop diseases.

Excessivesummer rainfall and abnormally mild temperatures put late-season soybean growthat risk.

Diseasessuch as Asian Rust and White Mold thrive in cool, wet weather and under thickplant cover.

DoctorMichael Milam with the Dunklin County Extension Office has seen areas ofvascular disease, but White Mold has not been spotted in the boot heel thisseason.

Harvestseason is only weeks away, but Milam advises farmers to remain vigilant.

"Beansplanted behind the wheat," said Dr. Milam. "That's much later so it would bemore prone to have more disease problems and things like that because of theconditions we've had in the last month."

Such diseases are hard tocontrol once spotted, so fungicide application is encouraged. Milam says tocontact your local extension office to determine which chemicals are preferred.

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