Medic One and Triple FM Teaming Up To Keep Kids From Getting Lost In The Shuffle

September 20, 2004--Posted at 11:30 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO--The opening night of the fair promises bright lights, food and plenty of fun.

With such a huge crowd, and all of the distractions, it's easy for kids to get lost in the shuffle.

In the event this happens, Medic One and Triple FM Radio Group are teaming up to keep parents and kids together.

"It was my first stop.  I want safety for my kids,"said one parent.

That's just what the wristbands are intended to do.

"Kids come up and we give them a bracelet and it has their mom or dad's cell phone number on it,"said Medic One's Chip Mann.

If the parents and children get separated, kids have a contact number on their wrist.

Parents are more comfortable knowing in the event their kids do wander off, mom and dad are just one phone call away.

"As a parent of small children,  I know how important it is to keep up with them.  If they have the bracelet and get separated, we know who to call to get them back with their parents,"said coordinator, Christie Matthews.

Medic One and Triple FM will be at the fair every night distributing the armbands.