Shooting on Baswell Street: mother speaks on incident

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Jonesboro Police Department is investigating a shooting that happened early Tuesday morning on Baswell Street in Jonesboro.

A yearly report of crime stats from JPD shows that area, in the two to three blocks north of the Mall at Turtle Creek, ranks in the high range of crime.

A statistic the shooting victim's mother told Region 8 News has become evident over the past few years.

Baswell Street and the surrounding areas are far from having the highest concentrated amount of crime in the city, according to spatial distribution maps by the Jonesboro Police Department.

"We got a lot of people, good people around here," the shooting victim's mother said. She did not wish to appear on camera for the interview.

However, when you look at JPD's break down of yearly and even weekly crime stats, Tuesday morning's shooting on Baswell falls right into line with what police see in that area.

"I've been here for 3 years," the mother said. "When I moved over here, it was all quiet and peaceful. I don't know what happened. I just don't know what happened."

That peace was furthermore shattered when her son was shot in her front yard shortly after she saw someone walking on her property.

"We both run outside and went to looking all around the house and didn't see anybody," she explained. She said it's when her son went back outside that the shooting happened.

"I heard this loud boom! So I jumped up and was like 'oh my god, what was that?' and I come out and I was like 'what was that, Robert Lee?' and he said 'momma, I don't know, someone done shot me!'"

The victim's mother said the rest of what happened is hard to recall.

"I was in such a shock because he was just laying there with blood coming everywhere," she said.

The Jonesboro Police Department's crime analysis of selected offenses from the past month show a concentrated area near the Mall at Turtle Creek.

The victim's mom told Region 8 News she thinks the mall is the reason the crime rate is up.

"I'm thinking kids wanna be over there stealing and then this is the closest street from the mall," she said.

However, she said kids aren't the only ones who hang out near Baswell a lot. So do police.

"Lately, in the last few months, they're always over here. Which is good. I'm glad to see them every time they pass by."

The victim's mother said her son is out of the hospital and doing well.

Doctors say his gunshot wound will heal on its own over the next few months.

As far as a suspect in the shooting, JPD has not released any information on whether they have a person of interest in the case.

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