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Your Week in Viral Videos: Good ideas gone bad

It's not lazy if you can get away with it. (Source: 99bbtom/YouTube) It's not lazy if you can get away with it. (Source: 99bbtom/YouTube)

(RNN) - No matter your feelings on drone strikes, we can all agree it is a hotly controversial issue.

That's especially true when the unintentional target is a couple posing for wedding photos.

This horrific and disturbing video … We're just kidding. It's nothing more than a good idea gone wrong when a camera mounted to a quadcopter gets a bit too close to the groom.

He and his bride were fine, by the way, and the finished product was worth the mishap.

Lawnmower man

Now that football season has arrived, the last thing guys want to do is detach themselves from the couch to do yard work.

Now, YWVV is not saying you should tether a self-propelled mower to a stake in the middle of the yard and let it wind circles until all the grass has been mowed.

However, if you want to know what that looks like …

Blurred News

Even without Miley Cyrus gyrating on him while he performed live, Robin Thicke's newest song was an attention grabber.

Just imagine a TV news crew adapting that theme to their coverage.

No need to call the FCC, they keep it clean. Thankfully, Miley is nowhere in sight.

Back to school

And finally, parents everywhere are feeling the elation that only happens when months of struggling to find things to keep their kids occupied comes to an end.

One mom's happy dance in the middle of the street gives a new meaning to "most wonderful time of the year."


Volcano in Rome? Yep.

Animals on trampolines

Jurassic Park … in your office!

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