A Family Finds a Buffalo in Their Pool

September 21, 2004 -- Posted at 4:00 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO -- Someone once sang, "give me a home where the buffalo roam," but they meant out on the range, not in the pool!  That very story came true for one Mississippi County family.

The James family of Wilson, Arkansas woke up Monday morning to find 2 bison in their backyard. One of the bison decided to take a walk onto the James' covered swimming pool and fell through the tarp.

"We had to get it out before he died, he was in pretty bad shape," said Jeff James.

Although the pool had very little water in it, the buffalo was stuck in the deep end of the pool and was struggling to get up the slope. Several people showed up to help pull the buffalo out of the pool.  Meanwhile, a female buffalo was running around the yard. She had to be tranquilized.

Nobody really knows where the bison came from.

"Rumors are they came from Shelby Forest across the river, maybe they swam the river," said James.

After 3 hours, several volunteers were able to get the mischievous couple into a trailer. They are sitting in Mississippi County waiting on someone to claim them.