Newly 'wet' Sharp County sees increase in liquor sales leading up to Labor Day

SHARP COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Liquor sales in newly 'wet' Sharp County have increased leading up to the Labor Day weekend.

"Earlier in the week it was steady. Customers were in all day long, but today it's been real busy. Store full of people ever since we opened at 10:00," said Highland Package Manager Kelly Newcom.

Highland Package is the only hard liquor store to open in Sharp County since voters allowed the sale of liquor in November.

Newcom says the store has been open since Tuesday, August 27. "[Customers] have come from all the surrounding towns, Fulton County, Lawrence County, some people coming from Independence County."

Convenience stores where alcohol is now sold have also had an increase.

"Everyday is a rush and with the holiday weekends, like Labor Day weekend, it's incredibly busy," said Red Mule Mart Shift Supervisor Erica Honey. "Used to everyone around here had to go up to the border. We call it going to the line. That's where we had to go. Now people from out here that used to have to go all the way to Mammoth Springs come here."

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