Pocahontas church grows after money was stolen

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) - Last December, just weeks before Christmas, the Hamil Community Church in Randolph County had their church check book and two weeks worth of deposits stolen. It's been nine months since the incident, and the church now calls it a blessing in disguise.

"At the time we had about 12 members," said Hamil Community Church Pastor Hampton Owens."We didn't have a big congregation."

After several members in the community heard of what had happened, they reached out to Hamil Community Church, and in the end gave more to the church than just their money.

"They wanted to help and they just decided to stay," said Owens.

As the church has grown, Pastor Owens said they've been able to create different positions to reach out to members of all ages.

"We've got more volunteers to help more people," said Owens. "We have a youth minister, we have a children's ministry, and we've got people from four-years-old all the way to 80"

As growth continues, he sees some major changes in the future to accommodate their new size.

"Down the road if we continue to grow, we'll have to do some building and other modifications to our building here," said Owens.

Pastor Owens said he's amazed at what has become of his once tiny church and gives credit to answered prayers.

"I prayed to let us grow in spirit and in faith, and then in number and he did that," said Owens. "We finally got ourselves set right, finally got ourselves in the way we needed to be in God's will, and he blessed us tremendously because of it."

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