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Pocahontas, AR--Lauren Payne Reports

Region 8 Pastor on Trial for Rape

September 21, 2004--Posted at 6:45 p.m. CDT

POCAHONTAS--"He's charged with ten counts of rape for, we're alleging, oral sex and sexual intercourse," said Henry Boyce. 

46 year old Donald Flanery was a pastor at the Family of Christ Church in Pocahontas.  Flanery was arrested in March of  2003 and charged with raping a 12 year old girl at his home and at the church.  Flanery is on trial for the crimes in Randolph County. According to an affidavit, the victim was 11 years old when the alleged acts took place. The girl, now 15, says she was 12 years old the first time Donald Flanery had intercourse with her.

"I'm in shock....literally in shock," said Flanery.

"I'm his mother, and I know him. I know that he is not guilty," said Flanery's mother.

The affidavit states the victim was, at one point, staying at the Flanery's home while her mother had fallen ill. The victim alleges Flanery raped her in his home, and at the church. In the affidavit, the victim said Flanery told her it was biblical for a man to have two women despite age. She says he asked her not to tell because news of this would hurt his ministry, and it would be sinful for this to get out.  She says the abuse stopped when she was 13.

Donald Flanery was arrested in March of 2003 and is out on $75,000 bond. If convicted, Flanery could face up to life in prison.

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