Labor Day travelers thoughts on the price at the pump

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – The American Automobile Association expects this Labor Day to be the highest traveled Labor Day since the 2009 recession. In Arkansas, gas prices are also 20 cents cheaper than last year's holiday weekend, but does that affect someone's decision to travel or not?

Clint Johnson and his family are traveling from Springfield, Missouri back home to Baton Rouge. However, their long drive won't put a damper on their wallet because they saved ahead of time.

"We do kind of plan it out and stick a little bit back." Said Johnson

Fortunately, when they don't have to pay to stay, it saves them a little more.

"We had some family there to stay with so that helps out too," said Johnson.

Whether you save or not, Johnson said when it comes to holiday travel, he feels most people don't really care about gas prices.

"Kind of one of those things where people are used to credit, and we just don't pay much attention to the prices," said Johnson.

However, for Brad McPherson and his family, they traveled from a town just outside of Batesville to Paragould. Although, the distance doesn't seem long, any farther and the price at the pump could be an issue.

"If it was a lot further than we would probably have to work around gas prices," said McPherson.

The same went for Kevin Ferguson, who said any higher and his trip to Hardy to go camping wouldn't happen.

"If they were any higher for me I would stay home," said Ferguson.

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