Corning residents concerned about high water bills

CORNING, AR (KAIT) - Several residents in Corning are looking for answers after they received water bills that were double what they were previously paying.

Corning Mayor, Dewayne Phelan, said rates have gone up in order to pay back the loan they took out from USDA, to upgrade an entire new water system for the town.

"We did not take in enough money at the old rate to make the payment on the new water system," said Phelan.

However, residents said there must be more to it, based off of what they were paying before.

"In July my husband, son and I were all home and we used 8,000 gallons and our water bill was $56.60," said Corning resident Shelly Johnson. "In August we used 7,600 gallons and our water bill was 89.63."

Another resident said her water bill rose drastically from July to August, even with less people living in her home.

"It went from 10 people living in the house with a $40 bill, to four people living in the house with an $80 water bill," said Corning resident Jennifer Causey.

Besides a bigger bill to pay, many of them complained that the water isn't even worth the higher rates they're paying for.

"Our water, we can't even drink it," said Corning resident Eloise Roofe.

Mayor Phelan said with a new osmosis system installed in their new water system, any unsanitary water is a problem within the home.

"They have build up and stuff that's in the pipes in their houses, and that's something we can't replace," said Phelan.

The Mayor said they are working to fix any problems with residents whose bills claim they used more water than they think they did.

"We understand that some residents have a tremendous amount of usage in their water consumption," said Phelan. "We're doing research on that right now to find out did they really use that much water, or is there something wrong that shows more gallons than they actually used."

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