Dog owners to face fine if they don't clean up after Fido

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jonesboro dog owners will be expected to pick up after their pets on public property starting immediately.

The Jonesboro City Council unanimously approved amending the current animals ordinance to including picking up your pet's feces in public places throughout town. That includes public streets, sidewalks, gutters, parks or other publicly owned property.

Anyone who fails do do so could be fined $75 for each occurrence.

The Jonesboro Police Department, Animal Control and Code Enforcement will enforce the ordinance. According to the ordinance, "If the Officer does not view the occurrence of the violation, the Officers will then advise the complaining property owner on an affidavit process and assist the complainant with any documentation received by this office."

In order to help pet owners comply with the ordinance, the city recently placed multiple dog waste stations throughout downtown Jonesboro.

Placing pet stations along with enacting this ordinance is something dog owner, Ted Gary appreciates.

"Especially with the dog stations down here, it doesn't smell bad like it would, since they've put all the dog stations in. It's gonna help a lot," Gary said. "It's gonna keep it clean, keep the downtown area clean. So yeah, I'm totally on board with it."

An emergency clause was enacted with this ordinance as Mayor Harold Perrin said they didn't want pet waste in the city to become an issue with the department of health.

The city does plan to place more pet waste stations throughout Jonesboro soon.

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