Brookland School District hopes millage increase will pass

BROOKLAND, AR (KAIT) - Administrators of the Brookland School District are hoping residents will pass a 1.99 millage increase to help fund three different projects.

"We intend to build a new 89,000 sq foot Middle School north of our elementary," said Superintendent Kevin McGaughey. "We also intend to add four classrooms to our current elementary building, and build a stand-alone preschool."

The 1.99 millage increase will help contribute to the $18,000,000 they plan to use to go towards all three projects.

"It will raise the necessary $12,000,000 that will be our part of these projects," said McGaughey.

New buildings and classrooms will allow the schools to do away with the portable classrooms they have now to accommodate students.

"Everything will be in self contained buildings," said McGaughey. "It's much safer and will have up to date classrooms and technology."

McGaughey said if the millage were not to pass, financially the projects couldn't happen. They would have to continue to work around the number of students as they have in the past.

"It's going to be in newly constructed buildings, or it's going to be portable classrooms," said McGaughey. "I think if any parent were to answer that question, they would say they would want their child in a newly constructed building."

The Brookland School District will host two public meetings where they will answer questions about the proposed millage increase. One will be held Sunday the 8th from 2pm to 3pm and another will take place on Tuesday the 10th at 7pm. Early voting will also begin that Tuesday.

The set day to vote is September 17th.

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