Fans cautioned on heat for Mizzou vs. Toledo

From the University of Missouri

Mizzou Athletics once again asks visiting fans to plan ahead for dealing with expected high temperatures at Memorial Stadium as Mizzou Football takes on Toledo at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 7. Those attending the Tigers-Rockets matchup are asked to take note of several precautionary measures and guidelines.
Faurot Field/Memorial Stadium will again be equipped for the heat with water jugs and misting stations positioned throughout concourses for fans in need of relief from the high temperatures. Additionally, fans are allowed to bring one unopened, factory sealed bottle of water through the stadium's gates. Empty bottles (no glass) are also permitted for use at drinking fountains or water jug stations.
General guidelines for high-temperature days
- Wear loose-fitting clothing and a hat
- Use sunscreen of at least 30 SPF – repeat application periodically
- Seek shade if you begin to feel dizzy
- Drink plenty of fluids such as water and isotonic drinks – be sure to include these on your tailgate shopping lists!
- Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol
- Go immediately to a First Aid station, or notify the nearest event personnel if you need help
Mizzou will provide the following amenities to fans for the game against Toledo
- Stadium concession stands will be stocked with twice as much bottled water as usual
- Courtesy cups of ice will be available for fans needing to cool down once gates open
- Water jugs will be spread throughout the east and west concourse for fans in need of hydration once gates open
- One (1) unopened, factory sealed bottle of water is permitted to enter the stadium – guests are also permitted to bring empty bottles (no glass bottles) to utilize at drinking fountains and our water stations
- Misting stations will be setup around the stadium on the north, east and west concourse
- Event personnel, uniformed officers and EMS will be on the lookout for fans in heat distress
Remember our Pride Points:
-Wear Gold
-Be Responsible
-Arrive Early/Stay Late
-Celebrate our Traditions
-Respect the Game
And additionally for another weekend of Mizzou Football: beat the heat!