Pastor in Rape Trial Listens to Daughter Testify Against Him

September 22,2004--Posted 6:00 pm CDT

Pocahontas, AR--The second day of the Donald Flanery trial had jurors listening to Flanery’s own daughter.  But instead of supporting her father she testified against him.  Flanery is accused of ten counts of rape on an underage teen.  His daughter, Amanda Gray, says when she was fourteen Flanery touched, squeezed, and grabbed her private areas.  Her testimony was at times just as graphic as the alleged victim’s testimony a day earlier.


            Flanery maintains his innocence.  His lawyer declined comment while the trial is occurring.  Flanery himself was expected to testify late Wednesday and his testimony could continue into Thursday morning.


            Prosecutors admit the case hinges on the credibility of their witnesses.  Saying they have no physical evidence.  They feel that the case can be won through the testimonies of the alleged victim, Flanery’s daughter, and other eye witness accounts.  Flanery pastors the Family of Christ Church in Pocahontas.  Several ex-members of the church testified to what they say they saw behind church doors and out in public.


            The trial is expected to wrap on Thursday.  Closing arguments are scheduled for the Thursday morning.