Brookland residents on the proposed millage increase

BROOKLAND, AR (KAIT) - Residents in Brookland met Sunday afternoon to discuss the proposed 1.99 millage increase the Brookland School District is hoping to pass.

Brookland resident, Krissy Cantwell, plans to vote yes for the 1.99 millage increase. A Brookland Alum herself, Cantwell said she has seen her home town grow tremendously, and feels it's time to accommodate the growth.

"Our school is growing by leaps and bounds, and we are running out of room," said Cantwell. "We have a lot of portable buildings right now and we need to get our kids in a more safe and secure environment."

As parents in the Brookland School District, Cantwell said the community needs to stand up and support the district, especially after what they have accomplished without a millage increase.

"We added on to the elementary, and we built the elementary," said Cantwell. "We built the auditorium and the gym, all of that without a millage increase."

Another resident, Jennifer Jaynes, said with the rapid growth of the town, passing the millage increase is crucial.

"My own children are going to Brookland and I want them to have the best facilities that they can," said Jaynes.

She feels that passing the proposal will not only benefit the school district, but the town of Brookland as a whole.

"Well we've already increased over a 100 students in the Brookland School District this year alone," said Jaynes. "That number is just going to grow tremendously with the new hospital, and the more people that see our new facilities, the more that are going to want to come to the Brookland area."

Another open house will take place Tuesday, the 10th at 7pm in the BHS auditorium. Early voting for the millage increase is also set to begin on that Tuesday.

The set date to vote is September 17th.

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