Region 8 teen detains man trying to burglarize a church

Khadree Hollywood (Source: Dunklin Co. Sheriff's Office)
Khadree Hollywood (Source: Dunklin Co. Sheriff's Office)

KENNETT, MO (KAIT) - A Kennett man is in custody after being subdued by a teen who saw the man attempting to break into a church.

According to Kennett police, 20-year-old Khadree K. Hollywood is facing charges of second degree burglary and resisting arrest after shattering a glass door and damaging the wooden door that leads to the sanctuary inside Third Street Baptist Church in Kennett.

Police say a teenager who lives near the church saw Hollywood inside the building and notified police of the burglary that was in progress.

"A young man had heard the crash (of the glass door) and he came and coaxed the guy outside, and then he tackled him once he got him outside," said Third Street Baptist Pastor Albert Camp.

The teenager subdued Hollywood until officers arrived. Pastor Camp says the young man does not want recognition. He commends the teen, who is developing a track record for serving others.

"I feel like the young man saved us thousands and thousands of dollars worth of damage to our sanctuary," Camp said. "His father told me the other that this same young man picked up a guy on the side of the road and bought him some groceries and took him all the way to Dexter Missouri. So, he's got a really good heart."

Pastor Camp said the church plans to reward the young man for his courage.

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