Little Black Constable charged with two felonies

RANDOLPH COUNTY, AR (KAIT) -Eddie Ray Carmickle, the constable for the Little Black Township north of Pocahontas along with James Allen, are accused of shooting and killing two dogs. One of Allen's relatives told police he said he and Carmickle shot and killed the two dogs with a .22 caliber rifle because, "The dogs were getting in the yard and in the trash."

Another witness told police they heard gunshots and a dog yelping from Carmickle's property, and that the yelping stopped after a second gunshot.

According to a case summary from the Randolph County Sheriff's office, Carmickle denied knowing anything about dogs being shot or on his property.

Carmickle's ex-wife, Linda Carmickle said the story is far from the truth.

"I want to say to Ralph and Mary Jo that they need to get their story right because Eddie didn't do this," said Linda.

She claims Carmickle was working the day of the incident.

"He was up there at the house sharpening blades for the lawn mower, because he has three places he mow," said Linda."That's what he was doing there that day."

She is worried that their small town will now see Carmickle as a bad person, and not someone who they respect.

"We're a real small community and everybody will be thinking he'd done something bad or wrong and he hasn't," said Linda.

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