City celebrates new hotel 100 years in the making

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) - After a year of renovations, a historical building in downtown Walnut Ridge is now open again as a hotel and event room.

What started out as an effort to revitalize downtown Walnut Ridge, turned into much more when the Snapps and Fran Cavenaugh, began to come across much of its history.

"In the Venue as we uncovered the floors, we noticed some partial characters here that outline the name Mose," said Snapps. "Mose Cooper was one of the earlier pharmacists in Walnut Ridge."

In 1914 the hotel was destroyed by a mysterious fire that many believed to have been arson. Despite much of the hotel's destruction, Mose Cooper managed to salvage a part of his property. He went on to rebuild it, continuing his pharmacy which also became a place for social gathering.

"Part of that social gathering was soda fountains all the way back into the 1900's," said Snapps. "If you look down on the floor you can see the rings where the chairs and stools originally sat."

In the hallway leading up to the room's there is a reminder of what happened to the original building nearly 100 years ago.

"Several of the brick still have charcoal on them," said Snapps. "We sealed the brick but during the renovation process, the charcoal would come off on your hands from the fire."

Snapp said it was the history that led him and his wife to pursue the building, and to bring something new and old back to Walnut Ridge.

"When we found out the historic significance of this building, is when we chose to purchase it and renovate," said Snapps.

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