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Pocahontas, AR--Ron Smiley Reports

Rape Defendant Takes Stand in Trial

September 23, 2004--Posted 6:00 pm CDT


Pocahontas, AR--Donald Flanery took the stand on the third day of his rape trial.  The first two days Flanery sat about thirty feet from jurors listening to the alleged victim and his own daughter claim he had sexually abused them.  But today he finally was given a chance to give his side.


The day began with Flanery’s wife speaking.  She told jurors that her husband and the alleged victim were “hardly ever” alone.  She also said her husband and she had developed a plan to ensure Flanery would never be alone with a woman during counseling.


Flanery took the stand at around10:30 am.  He stayed on the stand through lunch and all the way up to two pm.  Before lunch he was generally able to give his side of things as his lawyer allowed him to speak freely.  After lunch was a different matter.  Flanery butted heads with prosecutors over many questions.  Flanery did not want to simply answer questions but wanted to explain his answers.  Several times prosecutors asked the judge to force him to answer a simple yes or no question.


One of the most emotional parts of the trial occurred when the defense asked Flanery if he was guilty of the charges of rape.  Flanery holding back tears replied, “As God as my witness I did not.”


Closing arguments went up to almost five o’clock before jurors were dismissed.  They will be back in court tomorrow to try to decide on a verdict.


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