Down a deer and tag it immediately

Down a deer? Tag it immediately
LITTLE ROCK (AGFC) – When a hunter brings down a deer, it is a special moment for that person whether he or she is young or old, newcomer or experienced.
With excitement high and adrenaline rushing, it is easy and understandable that some hunters forget the essential next step.
Tag the deer before it is moved.
That is the long-standing regulation of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission for deer hunting. You tag the deer before you move it, even for a better angle for photos.
Load the untagged deer on a four-wheeler and take it back to camp? This does not sit well with wildlife officers. A wildlife violation will erase all the euphoria over the hunter's success along with making a hefty dent in a wallet.
Game tags are on annual licenses. For persons not required to have annual licenses – those under 16 and those over 65 with lifetime licenses – game tags are in the back of the 2013-2014 Hunting Guidebook. Be optimistic and be worry-free. Clip out a couple of these game tags before you go into the deer woods. Put them with a hunter education or your identifications or driver's license. Now you are ready to take a deer.
If the head is removed from harvested big game, harvest information must remain will all other portions until final storage. This includes while the harvested deer is in transit. There are several carcass identification tags available in the 2013-14 Arkansas Hunting Guidebook.