Wildfire season flares up in Region 8

Wildfire Danger, yellow=moderate, orange=high (Source: Arkansas Forestry Commission)
Wildfire Danger, yellow=moderate, orange=high (Source: Arkansas Forestry Commission)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Much of the state of Arkansas has been highlighted in a moderate wildfire risk due to a recent lack of rain.

Jonesboro has picked up merely a quarter-inch of rainfall through September--a month that averages five times that amount.

County Ranger Thomas Lindsey with the Arkansas Forestry Commission says windy conditions, low humidity, and dry fuels will spur a faster development of wildfires, so open burning is discouraged.

"When the weather starts getting nice, people want to get out and clean up and do things. It's normal. Then the next thing you know, we have an accident. Somebody didn't realize the weather changed and the fire gets out of control."

Lindsey adds that the moderate wildfire risk is due to the levels of fuel have built up, since fires have occurred less frequently this year.

"Fuel that builds up over a period of time because we didn't have much of a fire season this spring, now we're getting into it."

A widespread, soaking rain is needed within two weeks to quench the arid landscape or burn bans may be introduced.

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