Preacher Found Guilty of Rape

September 24, 2004--Posted 6:00 pm CDT

Pocahontas, AR--Donald Flanery is guilty of rape.  That is what a Pocahontas jury decided on Friday.  Shortly after finding Donald Flanery guilty on ten counts of rape, they recommended Flanery be sentenced to 35 years in prison.


Flanery was charged with raping a minor.  During the trial Flanery’s own daughter testified against her father.  Saying she was also a victim of sexual abuse.  Flanery was surrounded by family for the week long trial.  When the sentence was handed down several people associated with Flanery shouted out “You are going to pay for this.” to the victims family. 


After lunch, cooler heads prevailed as the victim was once again given a chance to testify.  She asked jurors to put Flanery away, “for a very long time.”  She asked the time be long enough that Flanery would never be able to do what he did to her to anyone else.


Under state law you must serve at least 70 percent of a sentence for a sex crime.  Under this sentencing Flanery who is 56 years old would not be eligible for parole until he is seventy years old.