Highway to Hardy has false road sign

LAWRENCE COUNTY, (KAIT) – If you drive up U.S. Highway 63 north towards Hardy, you might come across something a little odd.

One destination board claims Hardy is 39 miles away, but just half a mile up the road, another reads Hardy is 42 miles away. Brad Smithee, the Construction Engineer for the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department District 10, said the misleading miles is just an honest mistake.

"The newer one is the sign that should be here, and the older one should have already been removed," said Smithee.

Surprised himself, Smithee said he can't believe it's taken so long for someone to notice.

"The new sign was placed in 2012," said Smithee. "The one that says 39 miles, which is a half a mile before it, it was placed back in 2007."

Smithee said they plan to finally remove the old sign.

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