Kennett residents working to make city safer

KENNETT, MO (KAIT) - Kennett residents are mobilizing to make their community safer.

The Kennett Community Awareness Committee has been formed as an umbrella organization for residents to work together on other community initiatives, such as Crimestoppers, a neighborhood watch, crime prevention for business owners and a landlords association.

Several landlords attended an introductory meeting Thursday night in Kennett to voice concerns and discuss the plans for the group.

Lorrie Skelton and Carl Dees are two of more than 20 landlords who went to the first association meeting.

"Anytime a tenant moves out, you'll have people in the neighborhood come to you and ask you please watch who you bring in," said Dees, who owns six properties and has been a landlord for 10 years.

Skelton and Dees believe the ideas they heard at the meeting will help clean up the city and make it safer by holding renters accountable, such as keeping a record of unsatisfactory tenants.

"We can contact other people figure out how they left a unit, whether they owed us money, how well they paid," Dees said.

"When you go in and you make repairs, and you do total remodels and renovations on the inside of a house or outside of a house and then you go in to find out that you've got holes in walls and floors destroyed and animals that have defecated through the whole house. Those are things that are real issues," said Skelton.

The tentative date for the next landlord association meeting is mid-October.

For more information about the Kennett Community Awareness Committee call Diane Risner at (573) 888-3400 or (573) 888-4879.

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