Beatles at the Ridge music festival wrapped up

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT)- The Beatles at the Ridge music festival wraps up Saturday with an array of musical performances.

The festival honors the short time the Beatles spend in Walnut Ridge in the 1960s. And now the community remembers the band with two  days full of music, food and games.

"This is as close to a touch of Liverpool that you will get into anywhere in the state of Arkansas," said event organizer, Charles Snapp.

Snapp said every year the crowd gets bigger and bigger.

"Last year we broke 10,000 people which is unbelievable and this year we don't have the rain," Snapp said. "This is the first year we've gone without the rain."

"We've got a fantastic crowd already and it keeps building as we go so I think we will hit the 15,000 maybe 20,000 mark before the day is over," he said.

The music festival features live music performances, food, games and local vendors from around the community.

"We also have a talent contest, we have people coming from several states," he said.

Terry Heard's barbershop sits at the corner of Abbey Street where the festival takes place and said he looks forward to the music festival every year.

"I love it, of course I've been here like I said for 23 years and I love it because, well I just love being around people," Heard said. "It grows every year because this thing it started to be regional at first but now it's national, it's all over the country."

And as far as entertainment goes, there was something for the whole family. The Denim in Diamond Dancers performed on stage Saturday morning.

"Last year was our first year but we really enjoy it, we perform several different places and we enjoy doing this, we have a lot of fun," said dancer, Kate Tillman.

They said they all big fans of Beatles music.

"My children could recognize Beatles music before they could recognize any other kind," said Pamela Meridith.

The event focuses on music from Bluegrass, early Rock N' Roll and of course the Beatles.

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