Dinner honoring cancer survivors part of long term initiative

Darlene James, Cancer Survivor
Darlene James, Cancer Survivor

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – A dinner was held Saturday evening in Wynne to honor cancer survivors and introduce the community to upcoming services and programs in the region.

Members of the Race for Hope organization gave advice on how eating well may help the fight against the disease.

"It's not going to prevent cancer," said McNeal. "But we are hoping that in some way [it helps]. Because the numbers in Arkansas are so high and many people get cancer in our particular area in Northeast Arkansas and we are all really concerned."

Veda McNeal is a member of the organization and said they are working in providing multiple services in every part of Region 8.

"The initiative is to actually try and get transportation to their doctors and get some tests that if you didn't have insurance you can't do," said McNeal.

Among the cancer survivors at the event was Darlene James. She said making sure her words got through to the audience was what motivated her to be a part of the event.

"Cancer is not a sentence to death. If you treat yourself, take care of yourself, go to the doctor, get tested, and trust God, everything will be alright", said James.

McNeal told Region 8 News the organization is looking for help as they take on new initiatives like this one throughout Region 8.

"We want to fill up the streets with people who are concerned with this area of the world", said McNeal.

The dinner started at 7p.m. Over a hundred people attended the two hour event.

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