Two families homeless after car plows into apartment building

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – A drive-thru is normally found at afast food restaurant, not an apartment building.

Jonesboro police and rescue crews were called to the 3500block of Race Street around 1:30 Monday afternoon after a car crashed throughthe wall of an apartment.

Luckily, no one was injured during the accident, but twofamilies are now homeless until the building is repaired.

"God works in mysterious ways," Bertha Mullins said. "I feelblessed. I feel very blessed."

Mullins may have a much stronger faith now after what sheendured Monday. She avoided injury after leaving her living room and walking intoher bedroom just seconds before a car crashed through her apartment.

"I heard a loud [sound] like an explosion," Mullins said. "Ithought it was something that had blown up in my apartment and then I sawlight, which I thought was from the explosion and I hit the floor."

Mullins says she stayed on the bedroom floor until thingsgot quiet again. The only sound she could hear was a hissing noise coming fromthe living room.

"I got up on the bed and peaked around the corner where Icould see in there," Mullins said. "I got on up and looked into there, and Isaw the car and I saw that the car was sitting in my living room."

When she got closer to the car, she says she saw that thefemale driver was not moving. That's when she ran out the back door and askedher neighbors to call 911. Brenda Zolper, the manager and owner of theapartment complex, arrived shortly thereafter and says the driver wasresponsive.

"We think she must have hit the gas and just came through,went through the mailboxes and her car ended up in the middle of the apartment,"Zolper said. "She was very out-of-it, very agitated and out-of-it. A lady thatlives here in the neighborhood knew her said that she has seizures sometimes."

The first responders were unable to say what the driver'scondition was, only that the crash likely happened because of a medical issue.

Zolper says it will take extensive work to repair Mullins'apartment and the unit next door, where the other tenants felt the impact.

"The people in [unit] number three were sitting on theirsofa watching TV," she said. "They thought an earthquake hit because they endedup in the middle of their living room, almost in their kitchen, but no one washurt."

Mullins is unsure where she will stay now since she and herneighbors cannot get back into their apartments until they're fixed, but shehopes that the driver is okay.

"Thank God she's alright hopefully," Mullins said, "but Ithank God that I'm here today because it could have come out to be a wholedifferent story."

Zolper hopes to hire a carpenter or a contractor as soon aspossible that can fix the building.

"It's going to be major work," she said. "The tenants cannotstay there. They're having to get out until I can get it fixed, so as soon aspossible it's going to be repaired."

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