Hwy 141 resident warns careless drivers

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A Highway 141 wreck sent three people to the hospital Monday morning.

One resident said in his 20 years of living along 141, he has seen his share of deadly accidents.

"I've seen probably 20, 25," Highway 141 resident David Scholl said.

After one of the fatal accidents, Scholl said the victim's wife approached him.

"His wife came up here and wanted a cross so we put that one out there and she made one with the reflectors so people could see it. Give them an idea to kind of slow down," Scholl said.

His cross crusade expanded from there. Scholl has placed many crosses on his property to remember crash victims and remind people to slow down.

But his motives extend even beyond these reminders.

"We had an older lady come up and ask me why we put the cross up and I said, 'God just told me to do it.' And she said, 'Ever since you done that, I feel safer.' So that's the reason I continue doing it," Scholl said.

State Highway Department officials say they are also working to make Highway 141 safer.

Their latest change was lowering the advisory speed signs to about 30 miles per hour.

"They are not enforceable, they are not speed limit signs, but they are the speed that we recommend people drive around the curve," Walter McMillan, the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department District 10 engineer, said.

McMillan said many drivers need to take this recommendation seriously to avoid accidents like the one Monday morning.

"Folks need to pay attention and abide by the warnings. And on this section of the road, slow down a little bit. That would really help the situation," McMillan said.

Scholl said he hopes his crosses will help.

"I'll make them all day long if they want me to," Scholl said.

McMillan said highway department officials will treat Monday morning's accident like they treat all accidents. They will request and review the accident report.

"If there's anything they recommend changing, those changes will be made," McMillan said.

McMillan said the department has not changed the official speed limit on Highway 141 to something slower because traffic investigators still say 50 is a safe speed.

The wreck Monday morning was not the first wreck on Highway 141 this year. In March, one person died after a head on collision and another person died from a similar accident in June.

Several people were also injured in other wrecks this summer.

These accidents all happened around the same spot on Highway 141. Police said, in these cases, the accidents occurred because the drivers were not paying attention to their speed and the road.

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