Jonesboro residents react to explosives found on Shoshoni Dr.

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Things were much quieter on Shoshoni Drive Monday.

"This was quite a shock to hear this last night and see what was going on," neighbor, Gary Henry told Region 8 News.

Henry has lived in the area for 37 years and knows many of the people who live on and near Shoshoni.

"We've had the same neighbors, basically 90% of the people out here, just about as long as we have," Henry said.

As for Blake Johnson and Cassie-Lee Crisler, Henry said he never met the couple.

"We used to know the people that lived there 15-20 years ago and they were real nice folks," Henry said. "I don't have a clue about anyone who's lived there since that time."

Other neighbors, who spoke to Region 8 News off camera, explained that 2212 Shoshoni is a rent house that has seen a high turnover rate over the years.

Neighbors said Johnson and Crisler moved in at the beginning of the summer and they worked to clean up both the inside and outside of the house, giving them hope that good, responsible neighbors had moved in.

Sunday night's bust however, turning up guns, drugs and bomb-making materials, proved otherwise.

"This is something you hear about somewhere else. Something you don't hear about right down the street where you grew up," Henry's son, Kelly said. "It's just totally mind boggling."

"It kinda blew my mind if you'll use that phrase because you would never think anything like that would happen out here," Henry said.

Both Gary and Kelly said they hope this is a one time occurrence that won't change their neighborhood.

"It's been great for us for 37 years and this is home...y'know, my wife, our kids are up and gone, we've got six grandkids and we have everything we want here," Henry said. "I sure hope it doesn't change anything because that would turn our world upside down."

As this is a joint investigation with the FBI, they aren't releasing much information right now as to what exactly what was found. As they give us that information, we'll pass it along to you.

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