ASU Freshman class boasts highest ACT score in school history

JONESBORO, AR - The freshman class at Arkansas State University boasts the highest average ACT score in school history.

The composite of 23.3 is above the state average at 20.2 and the national average of 20.9.

Arkansas State University did up their admission standards in 2013. Students must now score at least an 18 on your ACT to get in.

That did equate to a bit smaller freshman class, but Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Dr. Rick Stripling explained all of that falls into a five year plan the school began implementing a few years ago.

"That interprets to us that we've got students who are serious about their education here but it also means not only what we see in the first year but what we see in the subsequent years," Dr. Stripling said.

Stripling said tougher admission policies and higher ACT scores give the school hope of higher graduation rates as well as retention rates from year to year.

Next school year, admission standards will rise slightly again. Students must score a 19 on their ACT to be admitted to ASU in the fall of 2014.

"Once we get there, we're pretty much set," Stripling said. "It's not just something we've continuously tried to increase and raise from now on so once we do it next year, we're set."

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