Postage prices could go up once again

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - The United States Postal Service could raise the cost of a first class stamp by 3 cents.

The increase would drive up the cost to 49 cents. Post Net owner, Becky Hatosy, said she doesn't anticipate it affecting her business customers.

"Business people have to mail regardless, so they have to come up with the extra money whether they like the increase or not," said Hatosy.

Although, she might not worry about her business customers, the new hike in stamp prices could make a difference for others.

"I think it could affect grandmothers who send out cards, and the people who send out individual letters," said Hatosy.

We might live in a world where happy birthdays are sent via text message or email, but some people still rely on stamps to send mail for other things.

"We mostly use them to mail bills," said Sam Gordon.

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