ASU freshmen conduct drill for major tornado


It comes as we enter the secondary severe weather season, but this was more than just a duck-and-cover drill--it was more of an emergency management simulation.

The planning team simulated the aftermath of an E-F-3 tornado that tore through the campus, destroying buildings and injuring hundreds.

Shortly after noon today tornado sirens sounded across the university.

The Dean of University College Jill Simons says nearly sixteen hundred freshmen participated in the hands-on training, with an additional 500 upperclassmen watching.

"The disaster drill, I do want to give a quick shout out to our disaster preparedness program for putting all of this together today. We're bringing our students into the educational aspect and it's a huge endeavor. We think they'll take it back to the classroom and talk about the different roles they could play in a disaster and in their profession."

This massive project is the first of its kind at ASU and it was run three times.

Emergency and medical professionals came from miles around to make the drill more realistic to the students.

"They get to be hands-on. They get to be in different areas and be exposed to many different professions, majors and careers."

The project is part of a first-year experience class called "making Connections."

Simons says the goal was to help freshmen learn a lot of problem-solving on disaster management.

"People that are interested in logistics, in finance, in liaisons and working with other agencies. We believe a lot of our business majors and our social sciences will be very interested to find out what happens to maintain stability."

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