Caraway Road looking to make a comeback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Caraway Road used to be the region's retail trade destination.

Now, Stadium Boulevard holds that title. It has the Mall at Turtle Creek, Arkansas State University, a major highway, and the new NEA Baptist facility, just to name a few.

But Josh Brown, co-owner of Haag Brown Commercial Real Estate and Development, said, despite this, Caraway Road is making a comeback.

One of the major renovations contributing to this is a facelift for the MBC Plaza Building.

"It's our favorite building in Jonesboro. We're just hoping to modernize it a little bit," Brown said.

Brown's company closed on the MBC Plaza building last Friday with hopes to revive the somewhat dilapidated building. 

"Major concern for all the top floor tenants in the building is the roof. They've all had water," Brown said. 

The company will also bring in contractors to update the signage on the exterior of the building, as well as add new lighting and paint.  

"We expect the building to fill up really quick with the improvements," Brown said. 

Brown said his company has already met with several interested tenants. 

"They're not official but they are local companies," Brown said.

One of the building's current tenants, Regions Bank, will remain at the MBC Plaza location. 

"We're a tenant and we have a long term arrangement. We'll be here for years and years and want all of our customers to know that we'll be in this location for many, many years," CEO Larry Worsham said. 

Brown also said the new Kroger is the best thing that could have happened to the old Indian Mall site.

"Putting one of the biggest grocery stores in the state over here, I think it's already changing some local businesses' minds that were going to move off of Caraway over to Stadium or the north side of town," Brown said. 

Brown said the renovation will also bring new business to the area.

"We have talked to some tenants who are very interested in this Kroger marketplace and what happens to it. And are waiting to see what progresses with it before making any decisions," Brown said. 

Brown said Caraway cannot surpass Stadium Boulevard as the region's retail trade destination, but it can supplement that business. 

"I do think it can certainly be the best secondary retail market," Brown said. 

Brown said a new Aldi and Casey's General Store on Caraway will also contribute to Caraway's comeback. 

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