Keeping staph out of the locker room

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - According to the Center for Disease Control, cases of staph infections aren't dropping in kids and many affected are student athletes.

Staph is usually spread among those who are close together, and once the bacteria has entered a wound that's been punctured or broken, it can cause a serious skin infection.

"Typically we'll send our player to the trainer and he'll decide what actions need to be taken," said Greene County Tech Head Coach Jeff Conaway.

However, in some cases staph can be resistant to antibiotics, so the best way to handle it is never getting it in the first place.

"We're always washing practice jerseys, pants and game uniforms," said Conaway.

It takes more than a load of laundry to prevent an outbreak. That's why trainers and staff make sure the locker room is always clean.

"They come in the locker room and spray down the shoulder pads and spray down the lockers with a disinfectant," said Conaway. "We try and kill as much bacteria as we possibly can."

It may not be a broken bone or sprained ankle, but it can become serious enough to keep an athlete from playing in the game.

"We have not had a case that's kept a player from participating, but the real bad cases can," said Conaway.

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