Pumpkins for a cause

WYNNE, AR (KAIT)- Cross County Judge Jack Caubble may spend his days tending to county business but after hours he tends to his three acre pumpkin patch. This year Caubble decided to sell his pumpkins for a good cause.

The patch has been in his family since 1956 and this year Caubble will donate half of the money to a friend who has suffered from a brain tumor for 10 years and the other half to Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis.

"I was goingthrough old pictures and saw pictures of my dad's pumpkin orchard and decidedto keep the tradition going," Caubble said.

He said his father raised pumpkins for as long as he could remember. 

With Caubble it startedout as a stress reliever but then he and his wife decided to do somethinga little different this year.

"I'm justtrying to do something for somebody," Caubble said. "We've gotfriends at church and Steve is a wonderful guy who is now in Houston fortreatment. He's had a brain tumor 10 years."

Caubble saidhe will donate to Steve in memory of his sister-in-law who passed away manyyears ago who also had a brain tumor. The other half of the proceeds will go toLe Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis.

"We've hadchildren ourselves who have had to go to Le Boehner for different reasons," he said.

"We're donating all the proceeds you see here," Caubble said. "It's an honor system you put your money in, if you want to give 5 pumpkins for$1 then get 5 pumpkins."

Caubble saidhe wants to keep this tradition going in his family.

"Hopefully with what time I have left I canget the orchard back into what it was 15 years ago or 20," he said.

Caubble saidhe plans to divide the money after Halloween but will continue with the fundraiser throughout the year.

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