Shutdown trickle-down affects Region 8 family

SMITHVILLE, AR (KAIT) - Two days into the government shutdown, thousands of Americans have been affected nationwide.

Now, one Region 8 family says they're seeing the trickle-down affect of the shutdown.

Two and a half year old Grayson is, like most other kids his age, playful, loving and sometimes a little mischievous.

He does, however, struggle developmentally and with his language skills. That was, until March of 2013 when his doctor prescribed him a speech and developmental therapist.

"Within a month to two months, he had actually improved, I think it was actually about 78% on his speech and development," Grayson's mom, Felicia Bowker said. Bowker said she was hopeful for the improvements he'd been making.

"He was where he couldn't talk at all. You couldn't understand a word he was saying. Now, you can understand, pick up anywhere between two to three words that he's saying in one sentence."

Now, Bowker explained she's seeing the affects of the government shutdown, as she received a text from Grayson's therapist explaining until the government shutdown was over, she couldn't help Grayson.

"It really hurts your heart to know that just because of something that can't be decided, his future is being taken away from him or being held back because he doesn't get the help that he needs."

Bowker says the twice-a-week therapy sessions Grayson will miss out on until the shutdown is over could send him back tremendously in his improvement.

"Two weeks...even a day or an hour sets them back a whole month or even more in progress," she said. "They don't realize that they're doing more than affecting the generation that i'm in right now. Like I said, I didn't think it was gonna affect me. They're affecting future generations."

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