Senator Boozman hears shots outside U.S. Capitol

© Source: CNN
© Source: CNN

WASHINGTON (KAIT) - Arkansas Senator John Boozman was inside the Hart Senate Office Building Thursday afternoon when a car chase led officers to shoot the driver. The Senator says he heard the shots and was then ordered to go into lock down.

KAIT reporter Veronica Smith was on the phone with the Senator while he and his staff were on lock down inside the Hart Building. The prearranged call was originally to discuss the federal government shut down. The conversation started off with the latest information on the shooting and lock down.

"We're actually locked down here in the Hart building, it sounds like a lot of this took place right outside the office building," Senator Boozman said over the phone.

Boozman continued, "the sad thing is this is a serious target the whole area of the White House, the office building, the Capitol so the good news is the Capitol police do such a tremendous job and are so professional and dedicated literally putting their lives on the line every day."

The Senator did go on to say everyone in his office had been accounted for after the chase and shooting.

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