Prosecutor: Deadly force by officers justified on man wielding butcher knife

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) – The shooting death of a Paragould man who came at officers with a knife has been deemed justified.

According to a letter from Prosecuting Attorney Scott Ellington to Arkansas State Police, deadly force used against 37-year-old Timmy Dewayne Myrick was justified. The case involving Paragould police officers Cpl. Jason Boling and Cpl. Max Adams is no longer being reviewed.

On the evening of October 3 police were dispatched to a disturbance at an apartment complex on Bertig Street. An officer talked to a woman who had sent a text to Myrick about returning DVD movies he borrowed. The woman said after exchanging more texts, she heard Myrick throwing the DVDs at her front door and beating on it.

The woman then told police she opened the door and Myrick tried to get inside by shoving the door aside, hitting the woman's child. She was able to get him out of her apartment and lock the door. After calling police, the woman said Myrick returned with a butcher knife and hit the door screaming "Let me in, let me in!"

After speaking with the woman, the first officer on scene went to Myrick's apartment and tried to make contact with him. The officer heard Myrick shout expletives and then "Come on, let's get it on." The officer knew the man from previous incidents where he displayed bizarre, violent behavior. The officer then requested backup.

Four additional officers, including Boling and Adams, came to assist.

The letter stated Boling was at Myrick's door while the other officers were positioned on the upper stairway. Boling called to Myrick who then quickly opened the door and came at the officers holding a "large fixed-blade knife in his right hand."

The officers retreated down the stairway backwards while telling Myrick to drop the knife. He did not and, according to witness statements, focused his attention on Boling.

While walking backwards, Boling tripped over a sidewalk and fell on his back. According to witnesses, Myrick continued to come at the fallen officer. Boling then shot the man twice and Adams shot once, according to the prosecutor. All three shots hit Myrick. Medics were called and life-saving procedures were performed, but the man died at the scene.

Arkansas State Police interviewed witnesses who said Myrick "drank vodka and was suicidal" that day.

Ellington stated no criminal charges will be filed against the officers who fired the shots. The case file will be returned to Arkansas State Police.

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