Donations over presents; Region 8 girl presents check to Miracle League

Reagan handing Mayor Perrin her check for the Miracle League
Reagan handing Mayor Perrin her check for the Miracle League

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - There were many items on the city council agenda Thursday night but one little girl stole the show.

Over the years, the Miracle League Field has received very generous donations. Thursday night's, however, was a home run.

"I got a call, said that she wanted to talk about the Miracle League and make a donation," Mayor Perrin explained to those at the council meeting.

'She' being 7-year-old Reagan Benson.

Speaking with Region 8 News before the council meeting Thursday, we learned she has big aspirations, as she wants to be a "peterinarian" when she grows up.

We also learned she has a pretty big heart.

"I wanted a lot of birthday presents but instead, I donated," she said.

Forgoing gifts for herself for her birthday in September, Reagan asked for donations for the Miracle League after she learned about the field this past spring.

"I play softball here...I know they're gonna build a park for kids in need," Reagan explained.

Reagan's mom, Bethany told Region 8 News that Reagan saw the dirt work going on near the Southside Softball Complex and wondered what was going on.

"I explained it to her that that was the Miracle League and what it was all about and that it was for children who had needs that were a little more special, that needed just a little extra help," Bethany said.

"They showed me a picture of what it's gonna look like when it's done. It looked really good!" Reagan enthused.

So to help out the multi-million dollar project, she raised $160 at her birthday party. She told us she did get a few presents from family members but she asked all of her friends to bring donations.

Reagan not only received a big thanks from the city, but from those who will benefit from the park as well.

The Miracle League Park ambassadors were in attendance with signs thanking Reagan for her generosity.

As for why she did it, her reasoning was simple.

"I probably have enough toys and I probably don't need any," she said.

It's a selflessness her parents are proud of.

"I think there's no better blessing to watch your child exhibit those qualities," Bethany said.

Reagan also donated two bags of dog food to the Jackson County Humane Society.

This is the second year Reagan has picked donations over birthday presents. Last year, she donated to St. Jude.

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