8-year-old Jonesboro girl raises money for abused children

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- Most kids spend their Saturday mornings sleeping in or playing games but 8-year old Taylor Cunningham was up at 6 a.m. Saturday morning to kick off her first fundraiser for her organization.

"TC3 Cares helps abused and abandoned children," Taylor said. She recently started an organization to help kids in need.

"Because they were dying and we don't like that and it's really sad," she said.

Taylor had her first fundraiser Saturday, a yard sale at her apartment complex in Jonesboro.

"I have pants, shirts, dresses and shoes," she said. "We just want to help people a lot."

Taylor said she came up with the name TC3 Cares because of her sisters.

"All of us wanted to help and my sisters names and my name all start with a T and our last name is Cunningham and we're 3," Taylor said.

Shunqetta Cunningham is Taylor's mother and said she couldn't be prouder of her daughter.

"As a mother I was very pleased along with her father , we are just so blessed to have an awesome daughter who is willing to help others in need, especially children," she said.

All proceeds from the yard sale will go to Children's Homes in Paragould and Orphanages for Africa.

"This is our first fundraiser but it will not be our last and again as parents we are just really proud and honored to support our daughter in her endeavors," Shunquetta said.

She said her daughter wants to show other children that it's important to give back no matter your age.

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