Hundreds of AR National Guard members back at work Monday

AR (KAIT)-  The Arkansas National Guard is recalling most of the 738 furloughed military technicians and civilian federal workers after word from the Office of the Secretary of Defense came down Saturday.

The recall does not include 294 state employees of the Arkansas Military Department.

Major Matt Snead, a state public affairs officer with the Arkansas National Guard, says it is a phased recall of employees who are furloughed right now. The "Pay Our Military Act" was signed into law Monday, letting the Office of the Secretary of Defense issue the memo to the state. Most of the 738 furloughed employees will be called into work on Monday, but some "dual-status military technicians and civilian federal employees" will still be furloughed during the government shutdown.

The "Pay Our Military Act" does not provide funding for Inactive Duty Training (IDT) for the ANG. The monthly economic impact of IDT across the state is $2,983,400 in lost wages.

Major Snead says employees should not go to work on Monday until they are told by their supervisors.

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