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JROTC out of Savannah Veteran's Day Parade



The young men and women who'll someday lead our troops will not lead our Veteran's Day Parade. The problem is pay for junior reserve officer training corps commanders.  

The story is all over Facebook after a Savannah-Chatham Board of Education decision Monday night.

The school board decided, according to parade organizers, to change from a 12 month pay schedule to an 11 month pay schedule for JROTC commanders. The policy and pay change  won't allow them to even volunteer to walk with the cadets during the parade on November 11, 2013.

It's not sitting well with parade organizers and officials, who want the JROTC cadets in the parade. They say the youngsters are proud to march, the students won't be in school anyway, so it's not any kind of inconvenience to take them out of school. However, they can't march without their adult commanders due to liability reasons. The commanders are not allowed to volunteer or work without pay because of school policy.

Doug Andrews, with the Veteran's Council, told WTOC they only have little more than one month until the Veteran's Day Parade to work out a compromise with the school district. He says the whole situation took them by surprise.

"To deprive these children of the opportunity to honor the veterans who already served, the opportunity to strut their stuff, to show the public they are coming of age, is just wrong," Andrews said.

Andrews said it would take little more than the superintendent and a stroke of a pen to make a deal to let the commanders and the cadets march. They hope to have that conversation with district officials this week. 

He said, if it no deal can be reached, there are always legal options.The JROTC also march in the MLK Day Parade and St. Patrick's Day Parade, among other events.


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