Senate District 21 candidates to square off in January

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Democrat Steve Rockwell and Republican John Cooper will face off in the special election for a new District 21 state Senator Jan. 14.

"Our message is consistent during this race and it will be for the next one. The issues will be the same. It'll be ethics reform, getting our economy going for our people, controlled spending and health care," Cooper said.

"Job creation, growing our economy and improving public education. Those are the things we wanna take forward during this general election campaign. Those three things are so intertwined that it's difficult to separate," Rockwell said.

These two candidates emerged from Tuesday night's close primary runoff election.

More than 5,000 District 21 voters cast ballots. There were about 500 more Republican votes than Democrat.

Here are the unofficial vote totals for the District 21 Primary Runoff Election.

Democratic Primary Results

Steve Rockwell            1215          50.50%

Radius Baker               1191          49.50%

Republican Primary Results

Dan Sullivan               1419            48.85%

John Cooper               1486            51.15%

"What I was really grateful for is we had a lot of people participating in the democratic process, those voters that did that. You're always glad to see voters speak so they did that last night," Rockwell said.

"Taking part in the process, whether they voted for us or whether they didn't, I wanna thank them for taking part in the process and we hope to attract those who didn't vote for us before to do so in the future," Cooper said.

Both Cooper and Rockwell said they will keep campaigning all the way up to the special election.

"We'll be looking forward to them debating those issues that are important to them and to us," Cooper said.

"We're gonna listen and keep talking to voters, talking to the people of District 21. We look forward to a spirited general election based on the issues," Rockwell said.

The special election was called when the seat was vacated by former Senator Paul Bookout, a Democrat from Jonesboro.

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