Kennett Fire Department hosts Fire Prevention Week

KENNETT, MO (KAIT) - Members of the Kennett Fire Department are hosting Fire Prevention Week. All week long firefighters are visiting several places in Kennett, to talk with children about the importance of fire safety.

"I think the younger you can get to them and they understand, it will pay off," said Fire Marshal Scott Tutor.

This year the theme is "Preventing Kitchen Fires". Tutor said it's the number one cause of fires in the home.

"We teach them the importance of an evacuation of a home, if your clothes catch on fire to stop, drop and roll," said Fire Chief John Mallott. "The effort is to reduce the lives lost in fires."

Tutor said they make sure to discuss the importance of one specific device in the home, which can make all the difference.

"The biggest thing we stress on is smoke detectors, because they do save lives," said Tutor.

They also give the students helpful tips to send back home to mom and dad.

"Every year when you change your clock, you need to change the battery so you know the device is working," said Mallott.

Mallott said it's crucial that all families have a plan in case there is a fire in the home.

"They need to sit down and talk to their child no matter how young they are, and they need to walk them through what to do if the smoke detector activates," said Mallott.

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