Changes coming for Jonesboro animal rescue organization

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Some changes are ahead for the Northeast Arkansans for Animals, a group that has rescued thousands of animals in Region 8.

For a program that initially began to save abused animals, shut down puppy mills and provide low cost vaccination clinics, it grew into much more than that.

"NAFA has been more than just take an animal in," said NAFA Director Wanda Turner. "We've been more about trying to educate the public, a lot about getting animals spayed and neutered before they have puppies and kittens."

However, with serious health conditions between her and those who help keep the program running, it has become too much to keep up with.

"It's taken a good deal of time for me to finally make this decision," said Turner. "We actually cut back some of our services at the end of last year because of my health, but just cutting back what we did was not enough."

Next to Animal Control, NAFA takes in and adopts out more animals than all Northeast Arkansas agencies combined. After having to make the difficult decision, Turner said the day-to-day services could no longer continue.

"Not totally closing NAFA, but we are going to stop taking in animals except for abuse cases, or large rescues such as hoarders," said Turner.

Her health may have affected her ability to keep up with the day-to-day services, but her love to save and protect animals remains.

"I always said once I know an animal is in stress, I can't leave it alone, I can't quit," said Turner. "That's going to be the hard part, not being able to help it."

The low-cost shots for animals will continue. Turners said several different agencies are chipping in to continue that service. Also, the low cost spay and neuter trailer, along with medical supplies related to it, will be donated to another rescue agency.

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