Maynard High incorporates Biology into the kitchen

MAYNARD, AR (KAIT) -  Sophomores at Maynard High School used lessons learned in Biology to concoct delicious recipes in the kitchen.

The students held a Food Science Fair Tuesday night where the public could sample their creations, but they fired the hot plates back up for Region 8 News Wednesday.

"I said, 'What is it gonna take for me to help you learn?' And they said, 'Feed us,'" Biology teacher Cassandra Bindea said.

The students made everything from deer jerky to cheese to banana bread.

"The salt that they use for this is the salt that they put on the roads to make it creamier. So it melts the ice and makes it makes the milk, half and half creamy," the ice cream group said.

"We marinated the tilapia in the lime juice. And the lime juice alters the protein exactly like heat would, but it's just not necessarily cooked," the ceviche group said.

"Most breads involved yeast to help them rise. Banana bread doesn't because of the gases it produces from the eggs and baking powder and stuff," the banana bread group said.

"I had every single student come in and say, 'Miss Bindea, Miss Bindea, guess what? Miss Bindea, did you know?' And that's when I knew this was a keeper, this is a good project," Bindea said.

The students worked on the projects for several weeks.

"It took a lot longer than we thought it would and it was a lot more difficult than we thought it would be," the cheese group said.

They also put in many hours outside of the classroom.

"The one kid hunted the deer, slaughtered it, brought it up here as roast," Bindea said.

They not only made food with the help of science, but it was tasty, too.

"It turned out really good. I would make it again," the deer jerky group said.

"Cheese is really difficult to make so they were surprised 15 year olds could actually make cheese," the cheese group said.

They all agreed this hands-on approach beats the typical classroom lecture.

"It does help you learn," the granola bar group said.

"It's fun. I'd like to do it again," the cheese group said.

"Learn a whole bunch of interesting things and then everybody gets free food," the banana bread group said.

"Biology can fit into everyday things," the ceviche group said.

"This answers the age-old question, 'When are we ever gonna use this?' Science is everywhere and now they see that," Bindea said.

The Biology students collaborated with the Digital Communications students for the Food Science Fair. The Biology students came up with the projects and the Digital Communications class created podcasts about each project.

This was the first year the school offered this project.

It was such a big success this year that Bindea says they will use the money they raised Tuesday night to fund the projects for next year.

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