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Union protesters on Strip call tourists 'losers,' 'jerks'

The Alliance to Protect Nevada Jobs posted the video on YouTube. (Source: YouTube.com) The Alliance to Protect Nevada Jobs posted the video on YouTube. (Source: YouTube.com)

Protesters shouted names at tourists, calling them "losers" and "jerks" as they walked inside the Cosmopolitan on Saturday, Oct. 5.

The Culinary Union Local 226 put on the rally as part of the ongoing negotiations between the hotel and the union to sign a deal.

The Alliance to Protect Nevada Jobs posted the video on YouTube and says they wanted to demonstrate that union protesters are compromising potential tourists from coming back to Las Vegas.

"You don't do that by calling tourists those names and berating them when they come here to spend their money in our city," said Ron Futrell, spokesman for Alliance to Protect Nevada jobs.

"You and your girlfriend are a bunch of losers … especially your girlfriend," said one protester with a bull horn.

FOX 5 showed tourists on the Strip the video on Tuesday and they said the behavior was absolutely ridiculous.

"They shouldn't disrespect the people that are going into the places," said one tourist from Indiana.

"I think that's terrible. I think that's absolutely terrible," said one tourist from Canada after watching the video. "You know we don't want trouble … you're here to have a good time."

Meanwhile, the Culinary Union issued this statement:

"Workers at the Cosmopolitan have been in contract negotiations with Deutsche Bank [ownership] for over two years. The recent civil disobediences, rallies, and pickets are exercises of workers' First Amendment rights and part of the struggle for the Las Vegas Dream. Cosmopolitan workers are fighting for the opportunity to provide for their families, something all Vegas workers deserve." - Geoconda Arguello-Kline, Secretary Treasurer Local 226

FOX5 also reached out to the Las Vegas Visitors and Convention Authority on this matter as it relates to tourism, but they declined to comment.

The Cosmopolitan issued this statement in regards to the incident and the ongoing negotiations between their ownership and the union:

"The Cosmopolitan management continues to negotiate in good faith with the Culinary Union. We feel we have been making good progress on behalf of our CoStars ...  As always, our highest priority is the safety and comfort of our guests and CoStars and we will continue to work with the authorities."  - The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Futrell says if this kind of behavior continues, it only takes one bad experience to prevent people from coming back to Las Vegas. "It only takes one or two negative experiences like this or experiences that people have to hurt that image."

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