Police investigate attempted mini mart burglaries

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – According to Jonesboro police reports, two businesses on south Gee Street, both had attempted burglaries.

The first burglary started at the Adoosh Mini Mart at around 12:30pm. The manager told KAIT that he's certain the suspect or suspects climbed the tree behind the building, made their way onto the roof and then cut the cable that ran to his Arkansas lottery machine.

An hour later, the second burglary took place at the Gee Street Market. The suspects attempted to enter the same way. Both business alarms were activated and police were notified.

"Most alarm systems are either going to have a battery backup or they'll have some sort of cellular phone back up," said Sgt. Doug Formon. "Both of these businesses did, so it stopped the entry and the alarm companies notified the police."

Both businesses were unable to give a description to police, or share whether there was one or more person involved. However, police are certain both cases are related.

"It's probably more than coincidence, obviously they're on the same block together," said Formon. "The information is the same on both the cases, so I would imagine that the detectives are looking at this as being similar individuals trying to get into both businesses."

If you have any information at all related to this case, please contact Jonesboro Police Department or call 935-STOP.

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